Career Review Strategy Session OR PlayGame Coaching Session

Choose one of two 90-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions to either gain powerful direction into your next career role (Career Review Strategy Session) or to establish for yourself a Big Game worth playing in your corporate or entrepreneurial work and/or life (PlayGame™ Big Game Coaching Session).

Career Review Strategy Session:

A hugely powerful 90-minute stand-alone session that gives you the opportunity to discover and determine areas you would like to develop and expand upon in your career. We spend a full 90 minutes one-on-one together on the phone walking through your background in detail so that I can form deeper impressions from which to advise you.

At the conclusion of the session, I personally walk you through written summary of What’s Working, What Needs Attention, and What Next Steps need to be considered in your career. The entire summary is recorded for you to listen to as many times as you'd like.

This session alone generates enormous insights for clients and is an incredible stand-alone career shifter.

PlayGame™ Big Game Coaching Session:

In this 90-minute phone or zoom video call, Darrell helps you construct a "Big Game" around your specific situation. From issues of business building, goals achievement, launching initiatives, or simply the benefit of a coach in your corner, this session offers stand-alone value.

The premise of PlayGame™ Coaching is the idea that anything worth achieving is worth building a game around.

That very idea flies in the face of most of us, trained in a Western, industrial mindset that says it’s all about nose-to-the-grindstone arduous struggle and effort to knock out lots of tasks to get to a hard-fought result.  Whew!  Even hearing that wears you out!

Many clients have benefitted from a contrary approach to achieving breakthrough results and launching inspired initiatives: the idea of building a GAME and PLAYING their way to the changes and results they want to see.  More fun, more forgiving, and far more long-term enduring…not to mention effective.

If you are a “player” executive, entrepreneur or expansionistic individual with big goals you want to achieve and accelerated growth you want to accomplish, PlayGame™ Coaching is for you.


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