Finding the S Spot: Career Pleasure Secrets for Merging Skills, Play & Pay! (eBook)

Is your career ecstatic? Do you wake up excited to work on your passions, projects and purpose? Don’t laugh: that’s an actual reality for many people…and a possibility for all. Finding the S Spot: Career Pleasure Secrets for Merging Skills, Play and Pay was written to give you the insights and awareness of how and where to discover work so sweet you gotta smile. Packed with insightful questions and revealing exercises, it gives access to finding your own personal sweet-spot of career from four perspectives: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Reviews for Finding the S Spot

 “All of us are searching for our career sweet spot, but rarely know how to do it. Darrell gives you the tools and road map to find the optimal career and to do it on your own terms. For anyone wanting to better their life and follow their calling, this is required reading—whether you’re just entering the working world or are retiring and beginning a second career.” —Joe Platnick – Partner, Venture Capital Firm

"Finding the S-Spot playfully suggests insightful and clever ways of determining your next career move. As someone recently leaving undergrad, I would not have thought rigorously about my physical environment, for example, nor would I have united multiple job descriptions to create a new one of my own. Finding the S Spot is a useful tool on the path toward satisfying employment." —Camille Bridges, New Graduate

“I really think it's brilliant Darrell, how you have packed so much empowerment in such a few pages! I can't think of anyone that would read this book and not have it make a profound difference in how they look at their choices in life, especially pertaining to careers, and how they could not walk away feeling uplifted, re-energized, and inspired! BRAVO!! This will benefit so many people in so many ways, I will be shocked if this isn't a best seller." —Rafe Leyva, Founder InnerVision Marketing and Mastermind

Every so often a book comes along that feels more like a conversation with an old friend. It seems to know you, it asks all the right questions and at the end it holds up a mirror showing an insightful reflection. Finding the S Spot is that book! The questions keep coming, the sequence makes a lot of sense, the advice is priceless and the result is unexpected. It is well worth the read and the time invested. I enjoyed and I am sure you will as well.” —Alex Marinescu, MBA, Sales Manager/General Manager


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